Friday, July 29, 2011

Video: Jay Rock Interview w/ Femme Fatale Mixshow

Jay Rock talks about "follow me home", and his secret obsession. All that, and more only on the Femme Fatale Mixshow Sirius XM Hip Hop Nation CH44

DJ Premier And Maffew Ragazino – Bar R Us: The Return Freestyle



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beyonce and Jay-Z get close in 'Watch the Throne' video

With excitement akin to the sighting of a bald eagle, the Ministry has stumbled upon rare video of power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. At the same table. Sitting very close. Just like mortals do.

B and Jay are notoriously private when it comes to their marriage, quality time and, above all else, PDA. But the moguls aren't sly enough to escape the magic found in a leaked 10-minute documentary about the making of Jay and Kanye West's joint album "Watch the Throne."

The clip below shows a heartfelt moment at a luxurious private estate in Australia, where West is presenting Jay with luxurious birthday gifts: framed artwork from their single "Monster" and a major ring that Kanye hunted for in Paris that allows Jay to dip the bauble in hot wax and leave an insignia.

The gift giving is a fantastic look behind the curtain, but we're taken with the sight of man and wife, nestled at a dinner table smiling over taper candles and an haute cuisine spread.

Start at 1:10 to see Beyonce coach her hubby on how to stamp his ring after it's dipped in hot wax, and for sweet man-hugging between Jay and Kanye.

[Video] Rick Ross x The Alchemist In The Studio

Footage of Ricky Rozay and Alchemist in the studio working on “God Forgives, I Dont”.

[Video] Young Jeezy Brings Out The Lox At The TM 101 Anniversary Concert

Check out what happened when Young Jeezy stopped his TM 101 concert and bought out Yonkers own The LOX for a performance of “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye” and “We Gon’ Make It”.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Jay-Z Already 2 Songs In On Next Solo Album

Jay-Z is not wasting any time transitioning from collaboration mode back to a solo emcee mindset. Having just wrapped his highly anticipated 'Watch The Throne' album with Kanye West, Hov has already turned his attention to his next album.

MTV is reporting that the Brooklyn rapper already has two songs recorded for his next album that he says are the two best he's ever recorded for a cd, and has ideas for four more.

"I know exactly the tone and the whole feel of the album," Jay-Z said of his next project. "I think when you experience creativity, you should get it out as much as possible."

With J. Cole's Roc Nation debut 'Cole World: The Sideline Story' scheduled to drop September 27, Jigga was asked if his cd would be in stores first.

"I don't play that," he said. "We're all competing for the same mind share. J. Cole and Jay Electronica are both making inspiring music."

With an offer from 50 Cent on the table, Beanie Sigel says Jay-Z said, 'I can't let you go.' [Video]

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Beanie Sigel put his entire career in retrospect on Wednesday's (July 6) "RapFix Live." Once an intergal part of Jay-Z and Damon Dash's Roc-A-Fella Records, Beanie Sigel — like most of the label's roster — was suddenly on the outside looking in once the label split.

Not only was Beans left in limbo, the Philadelphia MC was in the midst of legal troubles at the time. Upon his release from prison in 2005, Sigel secured a deal with 50 Cent's G-Unit Records. And according to Beans, all he needed was a release from his Def Jam contract from Jay-Z, who happened to be the label president at that time.

"When I first got out of jail, I had a meeting, a situation that was already lined up and set up where I could've had [a deal] over there," Sigel said of an agreement 50 Cent put on the table for him. "He wanted to give me a label, a whole label deal ... and a whole lot of money too."

Feeling what he described as a sense of loyalty, Sigel went to meet first with Jay, who hadn't communicated with the rapper during the year he was locked up. "Coming where I came out from, that situation with Roc-A-Fella, I was like, 'Let me go holla at my man and see what he got for me before I jump over there.' "

Sigel said he was hoping that Jay would release him from his Def Jam contract in a move that would free the State Property rapper up to do business with 50. Sigel admitted, however, that while he told Jay he had a pending offer, he didn't reveal to Jay that it was from G-Unit.

"I told him I had to roll. 'If you can't make that situation happen for me, I gotta leave. I gotta go,' " he recalled telling Jay. "I asked him to just let me go — from Def Jam, not from Roc-A-Fella — because he was the president of Def Jam. 'I want to leave Def Jam, I'm out. You're the president, you can push that button. Let me get my release papers.' "

But Hov didn't fulfill his old running mate's request. "I went to Jay like, 'Let me get this [record deal] situation,' and he was like, 'I can't let you go.' He was like, 'No.' He was like, 'Nah, let me see what I could do.' That 'see what I could do' turned into another two years."

In the end, Sigel never signed with G-Unit, and by 2009, Beans was launching dis rhymes at Jay after hearing what he interpreted as a subliminal attack against him on Jay's The Blueprint III album. Despite all that has gone down, Beans reiterated on "RapFix Live" that he was appreciative of the opportunities Jay-Z and Dame Dash had given him while signed to Roc-A-Fella.

Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had (Official Music Video)

Beyonce shows off that nice body of hers in her new video, Best Thing I Never Had.

Thisis50 Radio Recap w/ Iron Solomon, Bernice Burgos & Ms Damn lap dance!

Thisis50 Radio Recap w/ Iron Solomon, Bernice Burgos & Ms Damn lap dance!