Prophecy's bio:
A prophecy is defined as the foretelling or prediction of what is to come. When a
little boy in Saginaw, Michigan started piano lessons in the fifth grade, there was a sure
sign that he would become a major player in the music arena. Picking up the bass guitar
and the saxophone along his way to becoming one of the hottest new talents in Hip Hop,
Prophecy shines both as both a producer and lyricist. Originally pursuing production exclusively, it was Prophecy’s older brother Shannon (who also rapped under the stage name Science) that encouraged the young lion to finally put his thoughts into words on a pad back in 2001. Although Prophecy realized he had a knack for rhyming, it wasn’t until the unfortunate loss of the same encouraging brother that he vowed to pursue rapping wholeheartedly. Armed with new determination to keep his brother’s legacy alive, Prophecy moved to Huntsville, Alabama and began hitting the studio hard to record his first project entitled 2 for 2. He would follow that up with his second album,Created Above Equalwhile simultaneously gaining features on various mixtapes. Prophecy also began building his production credits by making beats for local acts on the Alabama scene; as well as working with big name producers such as Bink. In early 2010, Prophecy received his highest press accolade when he was named the “Unsigned Hype” in the Source Magazine. With his latest releases, Due Season,Behind Bars, and Soul Survivor, Proph aims for the sky by showcasing his growth lyrically and sonically. The beats are neck-snapping, hard-hitting, and soulful----many at the same time. The wordplay is also clever and well-delivered. Prophecy has developed into the complete package and if his music is any indication of what’s to come, the future is looking very bright!

One of the hottest MC's out of Alabama & yes he got barz, got damn! this whloe mixtape has that authentic 90's mixtape feel when we did them on cassettes> Dope shit! Hosted by my homie DJ Homicide This is definitely worth having in your ipod! follow them on twitter @prohecymc @dj_homicide

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